Phoenix 30: Copper Bowl - 30" (Topper)

Phoenix 30: Copper Bowl - 30" (Topper)

This copper bowl is designed to be mounted on a decorative column or table.  

This match lit model requires mounting of a decorative gas valve in the column or table that the bowl is mounted to. This model includes the copper bowl, black decorative key valve, stainless steel pan, stainless steel fire ring, mounting hardware, and a 24" gas flex line.

The remote electronic ignition insert fits inside the column or table supporting the bowl. This complete kit includes the copper bowl, electronic ignition fire pit insert, mounting hardware and a 24" flex line. This unit requires 120 Vac or 24 Vac for operation. CSA Certified.
  • Details

    Copper Bowl
    30x30" Diameter
    6" Tall

    Electronic Ignition Fire Pit Insert
    19" Flat Pan
    12" Fire Ring
    90K BTU