Grenada: Fire Bowl - 44" Wood Burning

Grenada: Fire Bowl - 44" Wood Burning

It’s hard to beat the atmosphere created by a wood fire.  As a result, we have developed wood burning fire features that provide the same decorative elements we offer in our natural gas, propane and ethanol fire bowl lines.  The days of metal, brick, paver or wall stone rings are gone.  GFRC high performance concrete enclosures have taken over.  We are no longer bound to massive firebrick lined structures and metal rings that will burn the skin hide off your cousin.
The nice thing about a wood burning feature—no gas lines or electrical wiring to worry about. This is especially true if your patio or outdoor living space already exists. The down side, at least to this point, is you can’t put a fire directly on your existing concrete. Thus, four foot diameter holes in your concrete or a large firebrick lined structure, or dangerous metal enclosures are needed. So you ended up with a structure you couldn’t move or got burned on…until now.
Enter the wood burning line by Surface Design. We developed the “Cool Hand Luke” system and are the only company you will find that offers this product and all of its exceptional benefits. The product consists of: a high performance, decorative GFRC concrete enclosure, a dedicated steel burning vessel and proprietary heat blocking and venting design and construction.
So, what does this all mean?
Well first, it looks great. Second, you and a few friends can pick it up and move it (not while in use). The first spot you pick is no longer the final resting place. Finally, our system was invented with safety in mind. “Cool Hand Luke” keeps the entire concrete enclosure cool. That’s right you can touch the concrete bowl and not get burned. And if that’s not enough, it also maintains the integrity of the concrete.

If you are interested in a wood burning feature, this is the system for you. Additional sizes and models coming soon. Please feel free to contact us about custom builds.
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    Dimensions: 44"Dia X 20"H
    Weight: 195 lbs

    Dimensions: 30" Dia X 9" Depth
    Weight: 100 lbs
    3/16 Painted Steel
    Proprietary Insulation Design

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