Inside Surface Design

It all started in the late 90's.  We were working "concrete summers" between semesters of school at Geneva College.  Yes, we both graduated.  We both also felt that working with our hands was as important to us as working with our minds.  We went to work for different companies pouring concrete.  The labors involved with the concrete industry are challenging to say the least—even more so when you set your bar a little higher than everyone else’s.  Eventually we worked side-by side on the same crew.   We worked hard and learned everything we could. 

We made our break.  We had our own ideas about concrete.  We started our own empire.  We rented space in an abandoned factory.  The owner of the Factory Avenue property was a great guy and let us build-to-suit.  Being short on funds, it was a crude space, but we had a production facility.  While scrambling to pay bills we found time to get schooled.  Degrees in precast concrete, concrete countertops and GFRC from the concrete countertop institute in North Carolina.  Unfortunately, at about the same time the government shut down the building our shop was in.  Something about being an asbestos factory years ago?  Our business was homeless. 

It was 2006, and after months of looking we found it.  A real building.  Walls, roof, electric and bathroom everything you could want.  It was on.  We began creating every type of precast concrete we could think of: mantles, pier caps,  test pieces for chemical companies, countertops, fire bowls, planters and furniture to name a few.  Throughout this process we developed a business model that would allow us to apply all of this new knowledge and ability to our concrete roots as well.  We started to replace old fashioned concrete pours with all decorative work. 

Our concepts and skill sets have been a perfect fit for the outdoor living space and pool/deck niche we work in.  It's all about timeframe, precision, durability, beauty, craftsmanship and the customer.  It’s where we fit.  Occasionally we take on a huge commercial project, a huge floor, poured wall or parking lot.  We can still do it. Extremely well actually. It’s like riding a bike.  But it’s just a reminder that our aim has been true now for a decade and counting.  The future is custom and decorative.  The possibilities are endless... and the results?  Well they are concrete.